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New Beginnings and Resolutions

by Jack Byrne

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Shattered 04:21
I heard Your words cracking Like glass Dropped on the floor So I swept them up You You said you were drowning I knew I've seen that look before Your words in whispers And your voice Shattered Breathe out the water Sink through Reach out above you When you're stuck With no direction You start to forget Who you are And you look to the stars No matter what you do My love is always with you I heard Your words cracking Like glass
It's just a pane of glass This portrait's always changing And it goes by way too fast I can't keep up with daydreams But it's still green today Soon the colors will all turn Like when you went away Each season will adjourn And leave us wondering How do we get them back? We long for autumn Because it doesn't last And our love was the summer Staring through the glass On the inside looking out Just trying to make it last Bearing witness, so devout The sky will open up And paint this scene a blinding white Like when you said this was Your dream for our whole life And I'm stuck here wondering How can I get it back? The ground keeps melting With everything we had And our love was the winter It's just a pane of glass When the night erases Every blade of grass And the smiles on our faces The yard was full of life Now it's dull and overgrown Like when you said good-bye Each season will atone And teach a lesson We can never get it back And I don't know What to do with that 'Cause our love was forever
Starry Eyes 03:54
They're sounding alarms and you're tuning them out As background noise to forget Where there's already structure, you're tearing it down Until there's no more trace of it You always get me with those starry eyes It's just as you prophesied Come on and show me a hint of morning light And forget all that we left behind You follow your heart and you speak your truth In a way I was always hesitant What you give away comes right back to you And your love of the whole world is evident [Chorus] No reason to doubt when the story is your own And you're making it up as you go A wave of your hand, you command the unknown You raise to the surface what was below [Chorus] Let's forget it all, starry eyes
You heed all the signs You bend and rewind I know it's making you crazy The longing in your mind It burns and subsides Hold on to the life that you wanted And may your faith never die Stay in your light Back to the start And the twitch in your heart Hold on to anything that wakes you up All that you are And the way you've come so far It all leads right to this moment And may your hope never die Ignite the spark in your eye And your love, may it take flight Stay in your light
Faded whispers live in the background I try to drown them out By just adding to the sound I ignore these persistent secrets Still I don't know why I ask, and no reply Indecision and second-guessing I'm going around in circles I don't know how to stop New beginnings and resolutions I always end up the same What's the use in trying to change? And it tears me up But here I am, standing my ground When I could not get up Where were you? And it tears me up
Threads 03:26
Measured, tailored I've become everything that I've always run from I admit it, I'm curious The needle swims through every swath What we make out of string and cloth Is up to us, it always was Pull our threads together Fray all the ends Try to get it perfect Nobody can As long as the stitches don't break Rearranging what's in our hearts 'Til we become a disjointed collage Of what is and never was Here's to starting over Always begin The shapes we make will change Again and again As long as we don't run away So many choices but I never looked back This is just another Pull our threads together Fray all the ends The shapes we make will change Again and again As long as we don't run away So we can sew it back up when we break Again


released September 20, 2020

Recorded at home, and partially in a cabin in the woods of Readfield, Maine

Mixed and Mastered by Nico Rivers

Album art by Deborah Byrne


all rights reserved



Jack Byrne Boston, Massachusetts

Indie-Folk singer songwriter from Boston, MA

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