Roads EP

by Jack Byrne

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This album is dedicated in loving memory to my Mother, Deborah Byrne, who continues to be my inspiration to make art every day. Love you, Ma. Rest in Power.


released August 11, 2017

All songs written and performed by Jack Byrne

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nico Rivers
Tracked at The Record Company, Boston MA

Cover art by Emily Colleen McWilliams @emilycolleenphoto



all rights reserved


Jack Byrne Boston, Massachusetts

Indie-Folk singer songwriter from Boston, MA

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Track Name: Roads
Let the sun wash away
The distance that morning sets between your craving
Elusive, and ever-changing

It's all so safe to let it be
It's all too easy to surrender to those soft places;
You land with ease, but never know

Let no one pave the way
Someone else's truth and all the hidden meanings,
Well, I believe there's not one single answer

Take my hand, follow me
We'll come back to where we started some day soon
All roads lead to your answer

And then it's done
Walk away
Our futures don't run parallel but they'll keep weaving
May it be all you've ever hoped for
Track Name: The Way You Speak
I know there's another world swimming in your head
I can't wait to see what it looks like

I know there's a place you go where no one else can tread
Bring me the next time you go there
If you don't mind

Something about the way you speak
Deeply resonates with me
So don't stop explaining everything
When my thoughts stand on their feet
Shuffled up or on repeat
You're still listening

We live for those two-way streets
And we're good to drive

I know there's a lot about you that I don't know
I wonder what you could teach me
Could you open up my eyes?

Who knows what the future holds?
We'll take everything as it goes
We'll do it all the right way
Because we both have a lot to give
If egos and convictions don't get in the way

I can't wait to see what it looks like
Track Name: I'm Yours
Get me out of this place right now
Everybody says this is where everything happens,
But we know it isn't
No life to be found
And now my heart is in my pocket
Show me someone who knows what it's like
Anyone know what it's like?

Take me around
I'm always down
I'm yours
Take me aside
It's always right
I'm yours

We're two of a kind standing out from the crowd
Somebody once told me it's good to blend in
But I don't believe it
Two slices from the same mind
But not like the rest
Oh baby, you're good to me
What's good for you is good for me

We're two of a kind standing out from the crowd
And that's exactly how we want to be
We're just who we want to be
Track Name: Optimist
Oh brother, I don't know
Here comes trouble, lock your doors

Running out of ways to dodge the point
I'm all mixed up
But I had it all, once
Don't tell my mother, no
She'll be so disappointed

Oh bother, what the hell?
Winter turned to summer, and I'm freezing still

When flying's not a likely thought
Might as well take your feathers off and stay a while
Get comfortable
And when it rains upon your rooted spot
And your limbs get used to stretching out
Though your heart's in knots,
In some ways you'll be better off

Running out of ways to spin this like an optimist
A skill that I used to claim was obvious
So I'll hide with the others,
Nail shut all the shutters,
And stay quiet

Denial seems to rest with you
But I had to ask you
Track Name: Past Tense
What would you say?
What would you change?
How many questions that have no answer
Will keep passing through?

I'm not used to using the past tense when I talk about you
I'm not used to seeing you only in my dreams
I'll never get used to walking through the door of that old house
I'll always feel the walls echoing you

Time ripped away
Robbed of days
How many pictures you would have painted
While we sing to you

I'm not used to keeping a brave face when I talk about you
I'm not used to being polite when they say, "sorry."
I'll never get used to holding on to words I never said
I'll always wish I'd given more to you

I won't use the past tense when I talk about you
I could never get used to it anyway
Track Name: 'Til There's Nothing Left
No more
No more superstition
No more delusions this won't affect us all
And as every headline lives and breathes division
We're burning our bridges and putting up more walls

We're taking and taking 'til there's nothing left
Everyone's gasping for air
Try to deny it, your story's all wet
When there's nowhere to live
Let's see you care

Look at all the melting ice
To ignore it, I couldn't figure
Where do you think we'll go when it comes down?
The land that I love - well, you'd better take a picture
Color your maps for the disappearing ground

If we don't blow ourselves up, we will certainly drown
Put on your suit and deny it
Unqualified leaders don't cease to astound
You know, we're better off without you

How do you justify closing our borders
When people all over the world are left to rot?
Policy is always decided by money hoarders
Well, maybe some good could be done with all you've got

You're taking and taking 'til there's nothing left
Leaving us gasping for air
With your hands around our necks,
Well, we can't catch a breath
We're all just trying to live and you don't care

How can you say, "All lives matter,"
And then call for more death?
I don't think it's much that we ask for
When the bank is underwater
They won't cash your check
They all will float away without you
Track Name: Lonely City
The city sunk into the river
And as it disappeared
I wondered what to do now that I'm alone here
Lights still shine
The skyline ripples underneath
It bustles, no surprise
I see their fiery eyes

And they all gaze back at me
And wonder why I'm out on the street while the city's sinking
It's so much safer in these buildings

I feel it all go hazy
And it's slowing up my feet
I know I'm over my head
I won't let it get to me
No safe distance
Even more obscurity
I have to fight the tide
There's nowhere here to hide

And they all look out at me
And wonder why I'm trying so hard to swim the wrong way
It's so much easier floating than swimming