by Jack Byrne

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released March 30, 2013

Jack Byrne - Voice, Guitars, Piano, Banjo, Ukulele
Becca Stone - Voice on "Letting Go"
Melissa Knorr - Viola on "Karma Come and Collect Me," "Dots & Flags," and "The Right Mood for a Thunderstorm"

Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Nault
Cover art by Becca Stone
Instrumental breaks in "Karma Come and Collect Me," written by Kevin Junker



all rights reserved


Jack Byrne Boston, Massachusetts

Indie-Folk singer songwriter from Boston, MA

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Track Name: Karma Come and Collect Me
Karma come and collect me, she said,
I've got no time for these lazy regrets;
I've got no time to tell you how I feel.
I never meant to mention your name,
one of the many messes I've mixed you up in;
We'd need a miracle to make our way from here.

Baby, you'd better believe me, she said,
It's not exactly what they told you I did;
It's not exactly that I haven't told the truth.
I never wanted to dampen your smile,
one of the many ways I've wasted your while.
I made a mile-long list of what I wanted to tell you;

Well, I guess I never had the time...

These secrets paid for all their worth
I had one stiff drink to quench my thirst
I've got a lot of nerve, I'm sure you wouldn't argue.
But I was too shook-up to keep it on
I had another dream that you were gone
I couldn't bear the thought that I could ever harm you.
But the debt was paid for all its worth
I had another drink and left for work
And then my stuttered thoughts were not enough to charm you.
In the morning I was shaken awake, I felt your arm
And it was obvious that I was wrong
I couldn't bear the thought, so I kept insisting
Ignorance is bliss.

I tried to tell you, but I never had the time...
Track Name: Complications - Part I: Letting Go
Streetlights, oh, they wake up slowly
and I must have been walking for miles
I've thought it all over; this all needs to be let go.
Embers still glow over pictures
and letters of congratulations.
And as time finds you far from this place,
Just swear to God you'll write,
I won't ask for more.

We should have seen this coming.

What are you waiting for?
Will you be waiting forever, love?
What are you waiting for?
I can't wait forever.

Midnight: Anywhere but home is where I hide
I can stand the cold, but not goodbye
And there's nothing I could say
that would make any difference now.
The dark road, the pavement drowned in a pale glow
The shadows are infinitely empty.
I thought there was so much more to this place.
I swear to God I'll write,
But don't ask for more

Streetlights can sense the dark as the sun sets,
but I won't be shining as long as you're so far from this place
I swear to God I'll write but don't ask for more!

What are you waiting for?
I can't wait forever.
Track Name: Dots & Flags
My thoughts leak like liquid through a cracked glass,
at least you know I'm on to you
I sliced my fingers trying to hold them back,
and had to let go
So why bother trying to refill the cup?
I guess we all have our vices
I continue to indulge this reckless habit,
but I seem to have made a mess again

And I know that I will never learn
When confusion comes in empty words
And I'm staring vacantly out of my window.
And there's so much more I have to do
While I'm locked up here waiting for you
If I could only figure out how to loosen my tethers.

My thoughts are scribbled and scratched out and mangled,
until they fit inside a melody
And the sound of a guitar used to be more
than just a canvas for it all
So why bother trying to write them down
if I know I'll never sing them?
Why put pen to paper when the ink serves
only to remember the sting again?

And it's all become a blur to me
Just dots & flags and rhyme schemes
Neat and sorted documents of mistakes and memories.
Already sick of songs I've never heard
To which I know all of the words
Humming along to every measure
Track Name: It's a Secret! Tell Everyone!!!
Here's to you
Here's one for tomorrow
And another for youth.

You have always said, "To hell with them!
The world is so cruel, and not ours to choose."

And here I thought you meant what you said then
I always thought you were so alive
But now, I can't figure out
How you are free in your mind

Our clock is ticking loud
It's too late for us now
No one can hear us now
No one can hear us at all

You ran home for shelter
I had a feeling you would
You have always said you wanted to
But I think you're scared to leave
what you have grown so used to.

I swear I never thought I'd have to say this
I always thought that you knew your way
But now, what am I to think?
I'm the one you taught to live for today

Our veins will run dry
We're dead, you and I
Let's open our eyes.
Track Name: Trying My Luck
I never let my guard down,
so why do I still miss you?
It's easier to forge a love
than deciding to live without
I'm trying my luck with the latter
Is that so much better?
I never understood
why I should be distant while I'm there
Is it so disturbing to care?
This don't come easy

I've always been too much
of a naive dreamer
And it's too much when it falls apart
Why were we cursed to pump these hearts?
I've never been the type to take things easy
Oh, please believe me
You don't know what you've avoided, you see
Because when I let go, I give it all
And I've already lost enough
I can't afford to gamble

And one day,
I know I'll run out of excuses
And then I'll have to figure it out
And do away with all of this doubt
I know I'm looking for love, so I have to trust it
Or are these ideas busted?
I can't claim to have logical proof
So here's to never giving up
Life is about having enough
And love is not what I need

Right now, I'm taking it easy.
Track Name: She Corrected My Grammar
I'm sure you don't know that I'm no one,
but there you go.
Still, I'll show you every solitary thought I've ever entertained
And every crowd you've ever thought of entertaining for the night
may turn against you now,
so don't tell me how to live.

Do you know where you are tonight?
Have you ever thought to yourself,
"Hey you! Don't fuck this up this time."?

I'm not so sure if I've ever been here before
I'll stay anonymous by holding my breath
It's the darkest side of me
As I circle the earth
and keep so much of myself hidden behind my back
Go ahead and try to walk on me now
You'll never catch me now

Do you know where to go from here?
Have you ever felt distracted and empty?
Me too.
Track Name: Dreams in a Jar
You escape the silent water
and slowly look up.
Shaken once or twice,
and you're back home.

So take a moment now to remember where you've been
Who knows if it will be here still when we go it alone

'Cause you're the only one who could get it right
And you, you somehow read my mind
Moments like this remind me I'm alive
It's good to recognize the signs

The surface keeps on bubbling with new worlds
You keep them in a jar atop your night stand
But we keep them quiet, we hardly remember that they're there
Until we delve into the depths of what we know that we have made

And you're the only one who pays the mind
And you, you're somehow not surprised
Moments like this remind me I'm alive
It's good to recognize the signs
Track Name: Digging Through the Dirt
A gray-haired man takes his tea by the window.
He's writing a letter of apology to the one he loves,
and he's saying all the wrong things.
Godspeed, old man,
at least you're trying.

I'm trying to tune out the couple at the next table
who seem to be madly enamored.
Well, all lovers are crazy
Who in their right mind would ever do this to themselves?

When it's not enough to wonder why
We're digging holes for love and get buried alive
Oh, stop me here I'm done

I want to run, but I've barely touched my coffee
and the world outside seems to be standing still
My pen keeps moving
Plates and mugs are nothing but props and scenery

Writing all of my secrets with no hint of who I'm thinking of,
while counting one-sided conversations
in the wrong space and time
This is what I get for obsessing, I guess

We've been digging through the night and nothing's found
We're running out of dirt and solid ground
Oh, stop me here I'm done

And it's not enough to wonder why
If we keep digging these holes, we'll never get out
Oh, stop me here I'm done

Something else has taken over
Changing everything we used to know
Forgetting everyone we used to love
It's dropped our eyes and slouched our shoulders
Changing everything we used to know
Forgetting everyone we used to love

Stop me here I'm done.
Track Name: The Right Mood for a Thunderstorm
What are you afraid of?
The world is waiting for you to begin
You've never had the guts to make it on your own
Well, here's your chance.

Why am I always waiting,
waiting for someone to understand?
I tell myself it's just that I never had
opportunities you had

Hey, listen, your life's just begun
It's all here and you bow to no one
My friend, listen, your life's just begun
A backyard full of burdens
Too scared to escape
Would it be relief to know you could walk away?

What makes me so sure
that I know exactly what I need?
The city lights are flickering,
and I wish I knew which ones were burning out

Who do you think you're kidding
being so careful to coat all your words in truth?
The sunlight is trickling between the pickets of your fence
But will never reach your room

Just tell me what you want!

I found re-set and pushed it
And now I have no way of telling
if I was right to be fearful,
or of knowing what I believed.
But sometimes I remember
Like when I'm in the right mood for a thunderstorm
and I'm overly sentimental
Well, it's best saved for rainy days.

I gave it a lot of thought;
We both got it right in our own way

I never meant to leave any room for regret
The sunlight and city lights
are there for me, and there for you
Track Name: Complications - Part III: Keep Dreaming
Couldn't sleep again
Your voice ringing in my ears
But I've long since forgotten what we talked about
Well, I never felt the seasons change so much
Until you left

The sweet sound lingers still
Your words have become blurred and obscure
The ones I have in black and white
Are kept safe inside a drawer
Writing letters was never your thing
I still have every one you promised that you'd send

Driving mindlessly down some unfamiliar highway
The stale summer air feels thick and sticks to my skin
I can smile knowing the same sun shines warm on both of us

Somewhere there's a front door
And a chance I have to take
There's a hand behind a pen
And amends I'd like to make
I guess the gas that's in my tank
is all I have to lose if you still walk away

What are we waiting for?